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If you would be interested in becoming a mentor to this exciting and inspirational group of young people, we would like to hear from you. We are looking both for personal mentors, who will be matched on a 1:1 basis with a mentee for six months (approximately 30 hours over six months), and non-assigned mentors, willing to offer expertise and advice on an as-needed basis (up to eight hours over six months).  In 2016, mentoring will run from May to December 2016.

* Please note, if you are interested in being a Personal Mentor, you will need to be available to conduct your first mentoring session at some point during the week starting 1st May 2017. We recommend keeping several options free in your diary, in order to accommodate your mentee's availability.

If you are not matched we would like to include you in the mentor panel as an unassigned advisory mentor.  This means you may be called on to help out with one off sessions where your experience would be helpful for one of the young leaders (max 8 hours over 6 months).  Please indicate if you are happy to be part of the panel in this capacity?

We will pair you with your mentee on the strength of the match of your experience and their needs.  Your mentee may live anywhere on the globe and so time zones may quite different.  Please choose whether your mentee...

Matching criteria 1 of 2  Please identify your areas of interest/experience.

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Please provide a short bio covering your expertise, experience and most importantly, what you can offer as a mentor (max 200 words). Please note that bios may be edited so as to fit with our house style and to ensure it is web-friendly and accessible for those who use screen-readers. *

Advisory mentors will not be published on the website without a bio, and cannot be found by QYL's seeking a mentor.
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Thank you for volunteering your time to support these outstanding young people.  

The selection process will take place in March 2017 and successful mentors will be contacted in April and we also be offering training during April.

If you applied as a personal (1:1) mentor, we will let you know after the matching process in May 2017 whether you are matched with a Queen's Young Leader for 2017 or if we would like you to take part as an advisory mentor.

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Thank you for your time.

If you are uncomfortable with the public aspect of mentoring, but do wish to be involved with The Queen's Young Leaders Programme in some other way, please contact

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